Monday, June 23, 2014

My Lipstick Collection

Summer is my favorite time to wear super bright lip colors, which inspired me to do a post on my lipstick collection. It's not as vast as a lot of people seem to think, however the products I am swatching and sharing are only the traditional, lipstick-in-a-tube lip colors in my collection. A lot of the lip colors I have purchased have been bought as dupes for other more expensive products, so I will also leave a list of dupes with each color. If you would like to see my collection of liquid lip colors, let me know in the comments!

See, my collection isn't all that large after all!


  • Maybelline Vivids "Fuchsia Flash" -- This is a great blue-toned neon pink color, and one of my favorites for summer! It is gorgeous on pretty much every skin tone, and I actually really love seeing this color on darker skin tones. It is very similar to MAC "Candy Yum Yum," although much glossier. 
  • Maybelline Vivids "Brazen Berry" -- This is a great color if you want to jump on the Radiant Orchid train. It is definitely a great way of adding a pop of purple without getting that frostbitten look. It is very similar to MAC "Heroine" lipstick, as well as Milani "Violet Volt."
  • Maybelline Vivids "Shocking Coral" -- This is my favorite coral lip color. After being super let down and unable to find MAC "Party Parrot," I settled for this color and I'm still very happy with it! It is a bit glossier than "Party Parrot" might be, but it is still very comparable. It is also similar to Milani "Flamingo Pose."
  • NYC "Blue Rose" -- This is an older NYC lipstick, but I believe they just repackaged it into their Expert Last Lipstick collection. It is a very blue-toned pink, even more so than Maybelline's "Fuchsia Flash." I actually completely forgot how much I loved this lipstick until swatching it today! It is almost a dead on match for MAC "Show Orchid."

  • MAC "Russian Red" -- Without a doubt, "Russian Red" is my favorite red lipstick. It is a deep, cool-toned red that looks great on every skin tone. Personally, I prefer it over the much-coveted "Ruby Woo." It is a matte formula, but not so matte that it is uncomfortable or drying. It is very similar to Makeup Geek "Elegant," but for whatever reason, the Makeup Geek lipsticks are not available on the website currently. It also reminds me of Wet n Wild Mega Last "Stoplight Red."
  • Revlon Super Lustrous "Love That Red" -- A more orangey-toned red, "Love That Red" looks best on warmer skin tones. On cooler skin tones, it definitely comes across much more orange, which is why I don't tend to reach for this color much. It reminds me a bit of MAC "Lady Danger," but it also reminds me of "Ruby Woo." I'd say this color is kind of like if those two had a baby. It also reminds me of Milani "Red Label."
  • Revlon Lip Butter "Red Velvet" -- This is another fantastic color from the Revlon Lip Butters, and "Red Velvet" isn't sheer at all like some of the others. It is definitely buildable, and reminds me quite a lot of NYX Butter Gloss in "Red Velvet." It is a bit of a brown-toned red, much like the cake! It reminds me of a much sheerer version of LimeCrime "Wicked."
  • Milani "Plumrose" -- This color on the lips is absolutely beautiful. It makes my lips look so good, but it's just natural enough to look like you're hardly wearing anything at all! It is a plummy-pink color that reminds me of MAC "Craving."
  • Milani "Sangria" -- This lipstick is great if you want to have a dark berry lip but you want it to be comfortable and fuss-free. This lipstick isn't super opaque, so it isn't as precarious as, say MAC "Rebel," but it is comparable in color.
  • Wet n Wild Mega Last "Sugar Plum Fairy" -- Now this color is a pretty solid dupe for MAC "Rebel." They are both matte, berry colors, but the Wet n Wild lipstick is only $1.99! This is one of my all-time favorite lipsticks for the fall and winter. Of course, it is very similar to Milani "Sangria."
And that's my entire lipstick collection! I'm actually quite surprised at how well I recently cleared out my stash, because there used to be tons more! My name is Danielle, and I am a lipstick addict. If you want to see the rest of my lip collection, let me know in the comments, or +1 this post!

- D. 


  1. Ahhh, I want to see the rest of your lip collection! I love these shades, and I'm especially envious of Russian Red. I may just have to pick up one for myself! :D

  2. Wow, I'm so jealous of your lipstick collection! Mine is pretty darn small. I only currently own 3 >.< I was never really a major lipstick girl until recently.

  3. You have such a great collection! :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  4. Oh wow, my favorites are the plum shades!

  5. Stunning collection loving the NYC Rose shade!