Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Favorites!

And yet another month has passed! April has certainly been an interesting month, especially with the crazy weather we've been experiencing here in San Diego. Last week, it was raining, and this week, the temperature outside is up in the 90s! This month hasn't been super abundant in favorites, especially since I've gone bare-faced most of the month, but I do have a few I would love to share with you!

Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Cream Bronzer -- Warm Tan. This cream bronzer is without a doubt my new favorite bronzer. It's a great drugstore dupe for the Chanel Soleil de Tan bronzer. It has a beautiful cream-to-powder formula and leaves you with a healthy, dewy finish. It's really buildable and you can easily get a sunkissed look or a heavily contoured look! Unfortunately, it's only sold in the U.S. for now, but if you can get your hands on it, it's a total must-have if you love bronzers.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer -- Ivory. I never thought I would fall in love with a concealer like this! I absolutely love using this concealer along with my Sonia Kashuk Cream Bronzer because it makes me look so warm and radiant. It's a gel-based highlighting concealer, much like my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer that I love, and it has the most subtle shimmer that really brightens up your face!

Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water. I talked about this cleansing water back in my skin care routine post, and at the time, I had really liked it, but I didn't feel like I had used it enough to really consider it a total favorite. This month, I've used it quite a lot! April has definitely been a lazy month in terms of makeup, so on days that I'm not wearing anything other than sunscreen, I sometimes will use this at night just to feel refreshed before going to bed.

Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Night Moisturizer. Like many women, I struggle with stretch marks. They're just a fact of life! However, I do tend to get a little bit insecure about them, especially when they're fairly new and red. A few months ago, I was looking into ways to help fade stretch marks, and one answer I found was to use retinol cream. I didn't want to go to a dermatologist to get a prescription, so I decided to pick this moisturizer up from Target -- and let me tell you, I have seen a difference! There is one mark in particular that I have noticed fade drastically in the four months I've been using this cream. Instead of being a dark red like it was when it first appeared, it is now a lighter fleshy color!

Rubbermaid No Slip Interlocking Drawer Organizers. Earlier this month, I felt a serious bolt of spring fever go through me. It was about 2 in the morning and I suddenly had this crazy urge to clean. So a few days later, I gave my car a thorough cleaning (and let me tell you, it needed it), and started hunting for a way to organize my makeup. I already had a Sterilite Drawer Cart, which helped me keep all my makeup in one place, but these interlocking drawer organizers with rubber grips keep everything from sliding around, and just makes all of my products that much more accessible! This photo is just one drawer and it shows an example of how you can arrange these organizers! You can arrange them in a ton of different ways to really utilize your space.

Now a favorite that is completely irrelevant to my blog...

BioShock Infinite + Burial at Sea. Okay so my nerd is showing. This is a completely irrelevant favorite but it's pretty much been a constant all month. Earlier this month, I finished "BioShock Infinite" (I know, I'm completely late jumping on this bandwagon), and then Andrew and I jumped into the DLCs, "Burial at Sea" episodes one and two. We just finished episode two a few days ago, and if you're a fan of horror or psychological thrillers, play this game -- you will love it!

That's it for my April favorites! Have you had any stand out favorites this month? Any video game favorites like me? ;)

- d.


  1. All these products looks great - I have my eye on the Garnier cleansing water!! :)

    Layla xx - hope we can follow each other xxx

  2. "Sonia Kashuk" keeps popping up more and more these days! I think we sell the cleansing water at my work, I'll have to give it a shot if we do.