Thursday, January 22, 2015

First Impressions: Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection -- Part 2 + Collection Wrap Up

I finally got my hands on all of the Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes! This is Part 2 in my two-part series on these brushes, so if you haven't read Part 1 yet, click here. If you have already read Part 1, then keep on reading.

I'm going to dive right in and get straight to the brushes. If you would like more of an introduction to what these brushes are, how they look, and the features, feel free to read Part 1!

The brushes I was missing in Part 1 were the 100 Arched Powder, 101 Triangle Foundation, 301 Flat Contour, and 200 Oval Shadow. As you can see above, these are the brushes I will be reviewing today!

I wasn't certain about getting the 100 Arched Powder at first because I already had a powder brush that I enjoyed using. However, it was old and shedding, so I decided to spend the $26 and get this one! I definitely don't regret it. It's incredibly soft and luxurious feeling. It is a somewhat flat brush, almost like a larger, fluffier version of the 300 Tapered Blush. It's pretty standard in terms of what it does, but it feels like a treat putting this brush to my face. My only complaint is that, because of the white bristles, you can't tell how much product you have on your brush when using translucent powder.

The 301 Triangle Foundation REALLY surprised me. In fact, I almost didn't get it, because I normally hate flat foundation brushes, and this basically just seemed to me like a glorified version of the standard flat foundation brush. For the most part, I find that flat foundation brushes leave my skin streaky and cakey-looking. However, after using it I'm pretty impressed, especially after cringing at spending $24 on it. While the bristles are a little long, making the brush a bit flimsy, this brush can blend foundation out beautifully. I like to use the flat side to first "paint" on my foundation, and then use the pyramid-point side to blend it in! Because of the way the brush is shaped, I found that this is definitely the easiest and most foolproof way to use the brush. While it's still not my absolutely favorite for applying a more natural-looking foundation (I'd still reach for the Expert Face Brush over this one), I'd definitely use this on clients when trying to achieve a super flawless look!

If there is one brush I'd say is a must-have in this collection, it's the 301 Flat Contour. It's $26 and worth every penny. Everything about this brush is just so right. First of all, the super short bristles ensure that your contour powder is going EXACTLY where you want it, without the bristles being flimsy and getting powder everywhere. And because the bristles are so incredibly dense, it blends product out like an absolute dream. I wish I knew how to express how much I adore this brush. Seriously. If you can get your hands on it, don't hesitate! It's a similar concept to the NARS Ita Kabuki Brush, but half the price! 

The 200 Oval Shadow is a bit of a struggle for anyone with smaller eyes. It's about twice the size as a MAC 239, and it's kind of easy to get product everywhere when using this brush. It's a little bit flimsy, making it a little bit difficult to apply product with. However, this would be a great "clean up" brush. What I mean by that is, sometimes, when I've gone a little overboard with the shadows and brought them too high up on my brow bone, I like to take either my face powder or an eyeshadow similar to my skin tone and use a brush like this to bring the colors back down to where they should be. Overall, it's an okay brush, but not a must-have by any means, especially at the $16 price point. 

Like the other brushes in this collection, these do not shed at all after being washed! In terms of drying time, it was pretty standard. I washed them in the evening, and in the morning when I was ready to do my makeup, they were all dry.

Final Thoughts: Nothing stands out to me like the 301 Flat Contour. I just can't. It's no wonder this brush was sold out for weeks after the collection was released. Overall, these four brushes are beautiful to look at, are easy to clean, and get the job done!

Collection Wrap Up: Overall, the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection is absolutely beautiful. These are the kinds of brushes you want on display on your vanity! The quality of the bristles on every single brush is exquisite, as well as the general build of all of them. Now that I've used all of the brushes, let's go back and do a recap and final review!

The 201 Pointed Crease brush is large and dense, and costs $16. I wish it came to more of a precise tip, because it can be difficult to use on smaller eyes, but it blends out product flawlessly. The 300 Tapered Blush brush is quite small, and kind of like a fluffier version of a standard flat foundation brush. It costs $24. I've played with it quite a bit since purchasing it, and I've realized that it is actually the perfect brush for setting my under eye concealer and for highlighting the face! I much prefer using it for more precise applications than blush. The 202 Angled Liner is very small, dense, and pointed, and costs $16. It's a little bit sharp, so if you have sensitive eyes, be wary. However, if can give you a super sharp and precise line! It is also fantastic for filling in the brows. Because it is so small and precise, it successfully applies even powder products in a way that looks like small brow hairs! The 100 Arched Powder is a standard powder brush that costs $26. It's not really anything special, but it is super soft and doesn't shed at all, which makes the final steps of my foundation routine just that much more enjoyable. The 101 Triangle Foundation brush is not quite what you'd expect, and definitely an upgraded version of a standard flat foundation brush, at $24. It creates a full-coverage canvas, which is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a flawless look. The 301 Flat Contour is the creme de la creme, and worth the $26, hands down. An absolute must-have. It both places and blends contour powders like an absolute dream! Finally, the 200 Oval Shadow brush, is a little bit difficult to use for smaller eyes, but it places products well and feels soft on the lids. It costs $16.

Of course, you can definitely do an entire look using this entire collection. It is definitely a full set of brushes, and can easily help create a professional look and feel to your makeup look! This is a preview of a look I'll be posting soon, with which I exclusively used the Bold Metals brushes to apply the product.

I hope you found this First Impressions post helpful, and I really enjoyed getting to use these brushes! Is there anything out right now that you would like me to review? Let me know in the comments below!

- D. 


  1. I wish that brush wasn't sold out I have nothing like it!

    1. Its available on Ulta's website! If you snag it now you might be able to get it before it's gone! :)