Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Favorite Fall Things Tag!

For the month of October, I didn't feel like I had much in the way of favorites. So instead, I decided I would just do a tag of my favorite fall things! I saw that +leighannsays did a video on this, so I thought I would go for it as well.

Fall Beauty Faves

1. Face Product 
  • My favorite face product for fall is definitely the color "Fawn" from the Anastasia Contour Kit. It is the perfect shade to really sculpt out your face, and a little goes a long way! "Fawn," which is the lower, middle color in the palette, is just the right neutral tone to contour with, without making you look dirty or orange.
2. Cheek Product
  • Wet n Wild's Color Icon Blusher in "Mellow Wine" is one of my favorite blushes year round, but in the fall, it's especially beautiful. It is a gorgeous mauvey pink color that is perfect for brightening up a dull complexion.
3. Eye Product
4. Lip Product
  • Currently, the lip product I am in love with is Kit Cosmetic's Lipstick in "Nightwalker." I received this lipstick as a gift from my lovely friend Sarah, and I absolutely love the color and formula! It reminds me quite a bit of Revlon's "Black Cherry," but I much prefer the formula of the Kit lipstick. Unfortunately, this lipstick can only be purchased in Australia. 
5. Hair Product
  • To be completely honest, I can't think of any hair products I have been loving recently! Since I've been so busy with school, I've just kind of let my hair do it's thing.
6. Fragrance/Candle
  • As always, I adore the Bath & Body Works "Leaves" candle. Although I do have a new favorite this year! The "Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin" candle by Bath & Body Works is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, I'm not supposed to burn candles in my apartment, so I usually just break up the wax and melt it in my wax burner!
7. Nail Polish
  • Like last year, I am still loving my Essie "Vested Interest" nail polish. This was a favorite of mine last October, and I am still absolutely loving it. I also have fallen in love with OCC's "Black Dahlia" nail lacquer, which is this incredible, deep oxblood color!

Fall Fashion Faves

1. Trendy Clothing Item 
  • I'm honestly not too big on "trendy" pieces, so I'm struggling to find an answer to this question. I typically stick to more classic clothing pieces so that I can wear them for years to come. I suppose I would have to go with flannels, since they can make such a simple outfit look put together!
2. Comfy Clothing Item
  • Basically every hoodie I own! Hoodies are my favorite for the cooler months, since I can just throw it on and run out the door. However, I also adore my black fleece-lined tights. They make literally every outfit so much comfier, since they're almost like wearing fleece pajamas, and go great under skirts, dresses, and even shorts!
3. Shoes
  • As gaudy as this may seem, I recently bought a pair of classic Timberlands at my local thrift store, and I am obsessed with them! For one, they're super comfy. Plus, it rains all the time here in North Carolina (not to mention the snow we'll be getting soon), so these are awesome because they are waterproof, non-slip, and pretty warm! And on top of all that, I only paid $10 for these bad boys. 
4. Accessory
  • My favorite fall accessory is definitely my classic black Neff beanie. My ears tend to get really cold, really fast, and I find myself wearing this beanie nearly every single day. It goes with any outfit, and keeps my head warm! Not to mention it keeps my hair tame on dry, windy days.

Fun Favorites

1. Halloween or Thanksgiving?
  • Halloweeeeeen! Come on, I'm a costume design major. Of course I love Halloween! Plus, I'm not too big on Thanksgiving food. I love coming together with my family, but I don't eat meat, so the whole turkey thing isn't all that great for me. This year for Halloween, I was Alice in Hysteria mode from the video game Alice: Madness Returns

2. Favorite festive food and/or drink
  • My dad's fudge. Oh, it is absolutely to die for. Technically, it's a Christmas treat, not a fall treat, but I'm gonna make it count anyway! My dad makes the most amazing chocolate fudge (and peanut butter fudge, but I like the chocolate better) and it's just so rich and melt-in-your-mouth amazing! I don't really have a favorite festive drink, since I almost always hate warm drinks.

3. What's the happiest part about fall for you?
  • Currently, the leaves! I grew up in a part of the country where the leaves don't really change. We mostly have evergreens in San Diego. Out here, in North Carolina, we have the most beautiful red oak trees, and they turn so many beautiful fall colors that I can hardly stop myself from taking pictures every time I leave the house.

4. Who do you tag?
  • I tag anyone who reads this post! Link back to my blog if you decide to do it! :)

And that's it for my fall favorite things! What did you dress up as for Halloween? 

- D.


  1. I kinda want everything Black Dahlia. So perfect!

  2. I know it's a bit of a cliché to love autumn, but I do and so I looove posts like this! It makes me want to rush out and buy more spiced candles and berry toned makeup products, as if I don't already have enough!

    Aisling | aisybee.

  3. that's been my favorite eyeliner for ages but mine just dried up unfortunately

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram // youtube

  4. Love the Essie polish shade and really want a pair of Timberlands! They are perfect for winter xx | Giveaway