Friday, August 29, 2014

The Cat Tag

What a freaking cat lady I must sound like right now... But Sarah tagged me, and I can't say no to any excuse to post pictures of my cat, who is sadly on the other side of the country right now :( This is probably one of the silliest tags I've ever seen, but I can't help it! Sarah is on a tag frenzy!

1. Breed or stray?
Preferably a stray. I have nothing against bred cats, I just hate the idea breeding animals and charging insane amounts of money to buy them, when there are thousands of cats in shelters that are being put down every single year because they couldn't get adopted, for a much smaller fee than a breeder would charge!

2. Regardless of your previous answer, what would your favourite breed be?
I think I would have to say Persians or Maine Coons. My first kitty, TJ, had some Maine Coon in him, so that might be why I love long haired breeds.

3. Any cat-themed clothes or accessories?
An excessive amount. My backpack even has cats on it.

4. What's your kitty's name?
Alice! I had another kitty named TJ, but he unfortunately passed away back in December. He was a very old man though, we had him for 15 years, and even when we got him, he was full grown!

5. Favourite toy?
Alice really loves the like feather fishing pole thing. She also plays fetch (well, she runs to it, but she doesn't bring it back, so does it really count as fetch?), and loves the laser pointer!

6. What's your kitty's favourite food?
Weirdly enough, she absolutely loves Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight. I don't like her eating it because of all the fillers and whatnot, but she absolutely loves it.

7. Lazy or Fierce Hunter?
Mostly lazy. There's a reason I have her on weight control cat food at all times.


8. Favourite activity?
Biting everyone. Rolling on the ground. Screaming to go outside and explore.

9. Does your cat have any strange habits?
Well, like I said with the last question, when she wants to go outside and play, she will howl. I've never heard anything like it. She also does this funny chattering noise when she sees a light that she can't reach, but I've read that's just a cat's hunting instinct kicking in! She also runs to the door whenever ANYONE gets home, and she likes to wake me up by biting my lower lip. Oh yeah, and if I leave the door open when I am going to the bathroom, she will sit on my lap. Every single time, without fail.

Since moving, I definitely miss my kitty. I can't wait to see her again in the winter! I promise I'll be back to my normal blogging soon. School started this week so everything has been crazy! Keep an eye out for both my August favorites and my Apartment/Back to School favorites!

- D. 

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